Wednesday 18 May 2016

Travis, Bournemouth O2, 17th May 2016

Lauren and I went to see Travis in Bournemouth last night.

I'm certainly not a hardcore fan (as most there seemed to be), but I've always liked their stuff that I'd heard.

They put on a good, enjoyable evening, clearly a band who do what they do and don't pander to popularity.

After 20 years (blimey, I still think of them as a 'modern' band!) they seemed to be enjoying performing still.

Highlights for me were the hits "Driftwood", "Turn", "Side", "Re-Offender", the new single "Magnificent Time" (we all had fun doing the 'dance' from the video) and the finale "Why does it always rain on me?", but possibly the best moment was when Fran performed "Flowers in the Window" with just an acoustic guitar, no mike - Excellent moment that you could only do in a small venue like the Bournemouth O2 (one of my favourites!).

Kudos, too, to the sound engineer who actually responded when I went back and reported the vocals were inaudible in the middle after the first couple of songs. After that the sound was very good - I've done it before and just got a look that suggested I didn't know what I was talking about and they knew it all!

Setlist :

Everything at Once
Selfish Jean
Coming Around
Writing to Reach You
Love Will Come Through
My Eyes
Where You Stand
3 Miles High
All I Want to Do is Rock

Flowers in the Window(Acoustic)
Magnificent Time
Why Does It Always Rain on Me?