Wednesday 15 June 2011

More Music - The Eagles

The Eagles - One of the American supergroups from the seventies, they should be crap right?

So how come I love listening to them?

I suppose part of it is a nostalgia for my my youth - The little remembered "New Kid in Town" was a favourite when it was out and reminds me of freezing mornings delivering newspapers as a 13 year old saving up for a new racing bike.

But there's a lot more to that and listening to the very cheap and widely available 'Best of' double CD, I'm struck by how many good tracks there are (far from always true even of some of my favourite 'artists').

One of these Nights, Lyin' Eyes, the iconic Hotel California are all great, but so are Desperado, Life in the fast Lane and Best of My Love and loads of others.

Great guitar work without being pompous 5 minute solos, gut wrenching (or plain obtuse, but memorable) lyrics and tunes which despite coming from a black hole of music (on the whole) don't seem to have aged horribly.

So, there you are, a recommendation (of sorts) for you to go out (or just cruise to Amazon) and buy an Eagles CD (Greatest Hits is just £4.49 as I write this!)