Thursday 16 September 2010

Panasonic Viera update

Just before Christmas 2009, I bought a Panasonic Viera Plasma 37" TV.

I was very pleased with it, but said that I would have to reserve ultimate judgement as I didn't have access to HD signals.

Well, that changed a few months ago when I got Virgin Media to upgrade me to HD with a V+ box.

The V+ box is much better than the standard Virgin cable set-top unit, pretty much a match for Sky's box of tricks but with the added bonus of a third tuner that lets you watch a channel and record two others - You'd be surprised how often that happens in our household.

The Viera has proved to be a great match for the V+ service. Although it's only an 720 format TV, nothing is broadcast in anything higher and the clarity of picture in the HD form is nothing short of stunning with all the virtues that made it such a good choice initially.

If was buying today, I'd be buying exactly the same TV.

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